Islamabad rejects Indian explanation on ‘misfire’ – Newspaper

Islamabad: Foreign Minister Shah Mahmoud Qureshi on Tuesday rejected India’s latest explanation of missile launches on Pakistani territory and questioned the vague US position on the matter.

Pakistani military commanders also expressed concern over the incident, saying it could jeopardize “peace and stability in the region”.

Prime Minister Kureshi said India’s defense minister Rajnat Singh’s Roksava speech was “incomplete” and “incomplete” at a press conference held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“Pakistan cannot be satisfied with such an insufficient explanation. We reject this and call for a joint investigation again,” he said.

A day after Pakistan claimed that an Indian missile struck its territory, India said the launch was caused by a technical malfunction during routine maintenance operations.

Corps commanders said the missile incident could endanger regional peace

The first Indian official to speak on the matter, Mr Singh, told Parliament on Tuesday that India has given the safety and security of its weapons systems “a top priority” and called for a “review of standard operating procedures for operations, maintenance and inspection”. said to do. It was in progress.

In a brief statement to both houses of the Indian Parliament, Prime Minister Singh said that the safety procedures and protocols of India’s missile systems are of the highest standard and are reviewed periodically. Reuters reported

“I can be confident in the House of Representatives that the missile system is very reliable and safe,” he said, without revealing which missiles were launched accidentally.

However, Qureshi described the incident as “very irresponsible” and said India’s subsequent response was “equally irresponsible”.

He claimed that Islamabad does not believe in the Indian version and wants a joint investigation to uncover the true truth.

Pakistan’s foreign minister, who wrote letters to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and UN Security Council Chairman Rana Nuseibe and also spoke on the phone with the UNSG, said he was “shocked” and “surprised” that the world was not realizing the severity of the crisis. An event that could ignite war between the two nuclear powers.

Prime Minister Kureshi criticized the Biden administration, saying the State Department was aware of the seriousness of the incident but did not take a clear stance.

“[An] We have to take a clear stand.”

Meanwhile, the commanders of the corps attending the meeting warned of the consequences of this situation and urged the attention of the relevant world organizations.

In a statement after the meeting, ISPR said: “These dangerous events could act as triggers and seriously threaten regional peace and strategic stability.”

Posted at Serb on March 16, 2022