Ireland ease into T20 World Cup qualifier semis – Newspaper

MUSCAT: Ireland advanced to this year’s T20 World Cup qualifier semi-finals with a comfortable seven-wicket win over Germany in Oman on Monday.

The Germans only had a 107-7 record at 20 over par, and openers Paul Sterling and Andy Balbany had their third straight 50 partnership, allowing the Irish to reach their goal with 41 balls left.

Although they lost their first match to the UAE, it was enough to secure a place in Group A in the global qualifier A tournament.

The UAE have been defeated by Bahrain for the second time in a row and have joined Ireland in their last 4 matches. Bahrain lost hope despite winning 2 of 3 matches.

Ireland, the only test team taking part in the event, are aiming to qualify for the T20 World Cup for the seventh year in a row since they missed their first event in 2007.

There are two venues for this year’s Showpiece in Australia this week, with the winner of Tuesday’s semi-finals advancing to the finals.

Ireland will face host country Oman to advance to the finals, while UAE will face Nepal, the only team with a 100% record in the group stage.

“There was good news this morning,” said Irish captain Balbany. “We knew we had to win two matches to qualify for the World Cup, and we got rid of one of those matches and now we are in the semi-finals.” I made 21 balls and 32.

Nepal beat Canada with eight wickets after bowling 80, securing the last four places in style.

Star leg spinner Sandeep Lamichhane continued his stellar run with a 3-12 record.

Oman defeated the Philippines with 9 wickets to finalize the semi-finals, and scored 36 shots to reach the victory goal after a 3-over par.

The Philippines were unable to play for three years in qualifying due to COVID-19, and some players had never met before arriving in Oman.

The final two regions of the 2022 T20 World Cup will be determined at the Global Qualifier B event to be held in Zimbabwe in July.

Posted at Serb on February 22, 2022