Interim charge sheet filed against suspects in Dua Zehra abduction case – Pakistan

Karachi police filed an interim lawsuit against four suspects on Saturday for the kidnapping, rape and forced marriage of Duazera.

The suspects are charged with kidnapping and arranging a teenage girl in Karachi, including her husband Zahir Ahmed, Hafiz Gulam Mustafa, who made the ‘free will’ marriage solemn, and Shavir Ahmed and Asgar Ali, two witnesses of the marriage. done. forced marriage.

Dua’s mysterious disappearance from her Malir Halt residence on April 16 sparked outrage on social media over a case in which a teenage girl was allegedly kidnapped in Karachi and married in Punjab.

The Investigator (IO) today recommended that the suspects be tried in accordance with Paragraph 3 (punishment of male contractors) and Paragraph 4 (abduction or abduction of under 14 years old) of Pakistan’s Criminal Code. Penalties for Parents or Guardians Related to Child Marriage under Section 3(i) of the Sindh Child Marriage Prohibition Act of 2013 and the Trafficking in Persons Act 2018.

The IO identified four suspects as kidnappers and listed six witnesses.

According to the reporter, the daughter went missing at her home on April 16, he added, adding that he had obtained CCTV footage installed nearby to find her whereabouts.

IO said that he found clues by analyzing the CCTV footage, but that the girl was not visible in the video.

The IO also analyzed three cell phones of the complainant and other family members, but added that the forensic analysis found no useful information.

He informed the court that he had sought help from other departments to locate the detained teenager, but to no avail.

The IO revealed that the media reported that Dua had a solemn free will marriage to Zaheer in Lahore. Nikanama (Marriage Certificate) was also shared on social media.

He submitted that Dua’s statements were recorded under section 161 of the Criminal Procedure Code under the direction of a judicial magistrate in Lahore Model Town. Dua denied allegations of her kidnapping and claimed that she married Zaheer of her free will.

The IO alleges that national databases and registry records show Dua to be 14 years old, and that Zaheer raped her in the name of a free will marriage.

The IO asked the magistrate to accept an interim inspection and also requested a 15-day deadline for filing a final inquiry, arguing that the girl’s DNA test and medical examination had not yet been performed.

However, the magistrate gave the IO eight days to complete the investigation and file a final decree. Until then, the magistrate had instructed the IO to arrest all suspects and bring them to court.