In call with European Council chief, PM calls for solving Russia-Ukraine conflict through ‘dialogue’ – World

Prime Minister Imran Khan received a phone call from European Union President Charles Michel on Monday and reiterated the need to find a solution to the Russia-Ukraine conflict through ‘dialogue and diplomacy’.

Posting the update on Twitter, the Prime Minister shared concerns about the ongoing military clash, highlighted the economic ramifications for developing countries, and stressed the urgency of a ceasefire and easing of tensions.

“emphasizing the importance of humanitarian aid, [the] We call for a solution through dialogue and diplomacy. We agree that countries like Pakistan can play a role in facilitating these efforts. We look forward to our close engagement to further our common goals.”

In a subsequent detailed statement, the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) said Prime Minister Imran expressed “deep concern” over the military clash and emphasized that further escalation would have negative consequences for the region and the world.

“The Prime Minister has consistently emphasized the negative economic impact of conflict on developing countries,” the statement added.

The Prime Minister emphasized that Pakistan has maintained a principled position that it is only a partner in peace, underscoring the urgent need for a ceasefire and the importance of humanitarian aid to Ukrainian civilians.

“The Prime Minister stressed that Pakistan maintains friendly relations with Russia and Ukraine and maintains close contacts with both sides. The Prime Minister hoped that this dispute would be resolved through dialogue and diplomacy.

“The two leaders agreed that countries such as Pakistan can play a role in facilitating these efforts and that the two sides will work closely to further their common goals,” the statement said.

Meanwhile, the prime minister emphasized the importance of Pakistan-EU relations and said he was looking forward to visiting Brussels to meet the leaders of the bloc. “He even invited Michelle to visit Pakistan,” the statement said.

Prime Minister criticizes EU delegation

The meeting comes a day after EU ambassadors issued a statement calling on Pakistan to condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

In a joint letter to Pakistan last week, the 23 ambassadors asked Islamabad to support a UN General Assembly resolution condemning the Russian aggression and calling for an immediate withdrawal.

“Have you ever acknowledged Pakistan’s support in the ‘War on Terror’, which claimed 80,000 lives and caused other collateral damage,” he said at a public meeting in the village of Mailsi in the Vehari district on Sunday? asked.

“Has anyone sever trade ties with India or oppose India’s illegal activities?” Then he asked, “We are servants, so do you do what you will?”

The Pakistani prime minister said he does not want Pakistan to be at war with any country and wants to maintain good relations with all countries, including Russia, the United States, China and Europe.

“Islamabad is not in any camp. “As the Russia-Ukraine war is a huge loss to the world, we are neutral and strive to end it as soon as possible,” he said.

The prime minister also scolded the EU ambassador for not appreciating Pakistan’s role in the NATO war.

Last week, UNGA passed a non-binding resolution calling for the immediate withdrawal of all Russian troops from Ukraine. Of the five South Asian countries, only Nepal supported the resolution, while Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka abstained.

Pakistan’s ambassador, Munir Akram, has also said at the United Nations that Islamabad supports all efforts to restore peace in Ukraine. “We support ceasefire and negotiations. If we had participated in the Ukraine resolution, there would have been no political space for diplomacy between the two sides.”