Imran says Fox News analyst’s remarks ‘reaffirmation’ of US conspiracy behind his ouster – Pakistan

PTI president Imran Khan claimed on a Fox News show on Monday that US defense analyst Dr Rebecca Grant’s remarks removed “all doubt” about his allegations that he was ousted from the post of prime minister last month due to a US-backed “foreign conspiracy”. The pursuit of an independent foreign policy towards Pakistan.

Khan’s remarks were made by Dr. Grant. Fox News Program what the US message to Pakistan is. “Pakistan should immediately stop supporting Ukraine, seek a deal with Russia, limit its involvement with China, and stop the anti-US policy that is part of the reason Prime Minister Imran Khan was impeached,” she said. I voted in her office a few weeks ago.

“So it’s time to cool off about Pakistan’s anti-US and pro-Russian policies. Now is not the time.”

Dr. Grant contributor for Fox News Provides analysis of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and national and military-related topics. She is also president of an independent research firm called IRIS, which specializes in defense and aerospace. According to Iris homepageShe previously worked for RAND Corporation, the US government think tank, and served as the US Air Force’s secretary and chief of staff.

Shortly after the video went viral on social media, Imran argued in a series of tweets that his position was justified, saying “all doubts must be removed” as to why the democratically elected prime minister and his government were ousted.

He asked President Joe Biden’s administration if he believed it increased or diminished “anti-American” sentiment in Pakistan by indulging in what he called a “regime change conspiracy.”

“My Question for the Biden Administration: By indulging in a regime change plot to remove a democratically elected prime minister from over 220 countries. [million] Do you think people have reduced or increased anti-American sentiment in Pakistan to bring in the puppet PM?” he asked.

“The United States obviously wants a submissive puppet who will not allow President Park Chung-hee to choose neutrality in the European war, a prime minister who will obey the demands of the United States, who will not sign a pact with Russia and demote our strategy. [relationship] said Imran, who was ousted from the government after losing the vote of no confidence on April 9.

If a Pakistani prime minister asserts the sovereignty of the country and establishes an independent foreign policy, he will be fired and “a submissive and crooked prime minister will [Shehbaz] Sharif will come in,” the former prime minister insisted.

Imran calls the video clip a reaffirmation of a “American regime change conspiracy,” and says it’s up to Pakistan’s chief justice to set up a committee to hold public hearings to determine who is involved.

Separately, Imran said that he delivered the ‘cable’ to the public through a video message and sent it to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, the Speaker of the National Assembly, and the President. He added that the government informed the country that it had been removed through “a very large foreign conspiracy.”

“We told everyone it was clear through the telegram that a foreign conspiracy against Pakistan’s democracy and government was hatched abroad. Our country’s Mir Jafar and Mir Sadiq have joined in this.”

But he lamented that prominent journalists, incumbent Prime Minister Shebaz Sharif, and other leaders of the then opposition party did not believe the PTI.

“Later everything was proven. Everyone admitted that the cable was real,” he said.

Referring to Grant’s remarks, Imran said the analyst explained that he had “removed” the Pakistani prime minister because he sought to establish an independent foreign policy and remain neutral in the war between Russia and Ukraine.

Referring to his position as prime minister at the time, he said he talked about trade with Russia that would help Pakistan and expand relations with China. Russia is ready to offer wheat and oil to Pakistan at a 30% discount, he said.

“It became clear that this was the reason for the change. [new] “The Prime Minister will follow all instructions,” he said.

Imran insisted that Prime Minister Shevaz sacrificed Pakistan’s interests for the United States, limited relations with China and would not trade with Russia.

He argued that the new government came to power because of an agenda and that Shehbaz was “imposed because of a conspiracy.” He called the prime minister “the most corrupt person the family has ever faced with the incident.” [related to] 40 billion rupees to NAB and FIA,” he added.

“them [will] listen to everything [which will be] It is against Pakistan’s interests, just as Pakistan participated in the war on terror. We sacrificed 80,000 of our people in American wars, destroyed our country, and made 400 drone strikes on our people. What benefits did we get?

“We’ve done all this for other countries. We’re on the same path again. That’s why the regime change happened,” he said.

The PTI president said no future prime minister would be able to protect Pakistan unless the Supreme Court held public hearings to “expose the conspiracy”.

“Once the investigation begins, it will be revealed who has been the traitor to this country. [and] How this mafia government registered a case of blasphemy against us. They should be ashamed. In fact, it should be registered as a crime of treason,” he said.

He repeatedly urged the people to come out to protest. Chandrat (The day before Eid) with a flag showing to everyone at home and abroad that Pakistanis are “not ready to be anyone’s slave”.

“All of you must stand up for the future of Pakistan, an independent Pakistan, and it will prove that this country is ready to be slaves of Allah and not of anyone,” he concluded.

‘foreign conspiracy’

Imran asserts that his government was sent to the package and that PM Shehbaz’s regime was later “imposed” on the state as part of a “conspiracy” the United States incubated against his insistence on maintaining an independent foreign policy.

“This conspiracy started when the United States decided to get rid of Imran Khan,” the PTI president said. “Their secretary, Donald Lu, came to our US ambassador to Korea and threatened that Pakistan would suffer if Imran Khan was not removed. He also said that if Imran Khan was removed by a vote of no confidence, it would be Pakistan. Forgive.

“them [US] Imran knew the corrupt mafia begs pardon and America “knows these dacoits have money abroad. All leaders who have money, palaces, businesses abroad, always remember that they can never stand against America” Do it, and they will always remain America’s slaves.”

The former prime minister also called for nationwide protests and long marches into the capital in the last week of May.

He previously explained that the purpose of the march was to convey the message to the United States that Pakistan is a “free country” and urged supporters to gather people from every town, street and region to prepare a movement for “true freedom.”

“I hope two million people will come to Islamabad when I am called,” Imran said at a workers’ conference in Lahore last year. I hope you all go to the people and preach our movement for true freedom. main.

The US has denied allegations of a “foreign conspiracy” that hatched to oust the fertility.

U.S. State Department deputy spokeswoman Jalina Porter said last month that she welcomed a statement by Pakistan’s National Security Council (NSC) dismissing a “foreign conspiracy” to overthrow the Imran-led government.