Imran reiterates threat to his life, says has recorded video naming ‘all conspirators’ – Pakistan

PTI president and former prime minister Imran Khan said on Saturday that his life was at risk and that he had recorded a video named after everyone “who rebelled against me” since last summer.

Imran, who claims to have been expelled from top positions by foreign powers through his local players for pursuing an independent foreign policy, made these remarks at his party’s exercise of political power in Sialkot. “There are conspiracies going on against me in closed rooms at home and abroad, and they want Imran Khan’s life. [is lost]”He said.

“I know this conspiracy… So I recorded a video and kept it in a safe place. If anything happens to me, this video is [made public] in front of the people. In it, anyone who conspired against me, anyone who conspired against me since last summer, I named everyone.

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“They think ‘Imran Khan can be an obstacle in our path and should be removed.’ And this is why I recorded this video. sanctuary And it’s not politics. If anything happens to me, I want all my Pakistanis to know who was involved in this conspiracy.

“I plan and name all those who planned [revealed] How did this corrupt lot through foreign conspiracy destroy my government, along with them and others who were with them? That’s why I recorded a video. [part of the] A history that the strong are not under the law and are always safe. We want the faces of those who betrayed this country to be revealed,” said the PTI president.

The known threat to Imran’s life was first mentioned by Faisal Vawda during his last weeks in office at the end of March.

Imran said in tonight’s speech that his position on eradicating corruption is not shared with those in “strong positions”.

“For three and a half years I have done everything I can to get the death penalty and action taken for those who have looted this country over the past 30 years, but corruption is not a bad thing for those in power to do justice. I accepted the fact that the strong steal and nobody catches.”

Imran urged his supporters to join the planned march to Islamabad, warning that if they do not, “this country will be destroyed”. He urged his audience to brave the climatic challenges that hot summers will likely strike them on their way to the capital.

The PTI president also urged young people to “start preparing immediately” for the march, adding that the government will try to disrupt the march by installing curbs in transportation, gasoline, internet and other services.

He prophesied that “the sea of ​​men” would be with him when he headed for Islamabad.

Imran also alleges that the judiciary has shifted or threatened the Federal Investigation Agency’s management of corruption cases against the Sharif family since the new government came to power.

He paid tribute to the former FIA director, Mohammad Rizwan, who investigated the money laundering allegations against incumbent Prime Minister Shebaz Sharif and Punjab Prime Minister Hamza Shebaz.

Imran claimed that Hamza “threated” Rizwan under “excessive pressure” and as a result died.

The PTI president also claimed that another FIA investigator, Nadeem Akhtar, suffered a heart attack yesterday.

“Where are the courts? It’s your job to protect the courts,” said Imran, addressing the pressures those investigating the “mafia” are under.

He also criticized the new government in terms of the economy, saying the PTI regime left the government at a promising time, but the rupee depreciated to a startling depreciation after “regime change” and the stock market plummeted.