Imran ‘playing’ with Pakistan’s interests to keep his politics alive, says Ahsan Iqbal – Pakistan

Planning and Development Minister Ahsan Iqbal accused former Prime Minister Imran Khan of “seeking Pakistan’s interests” and insisted that the former prime minister tried to revive “failed politics” by rioting.

At a press conference in Lahore, the minister said the National Security Council had twice dismissed the possibility of a foreign conspiracy, but said “Imran Niaj is in the national interest to maintain his politics.”

“If we want Pakistan to be a strong country, we have to have a strong economy,” he said. “It can only happen when we are aligned with the global economy.”

Iqbal argued that the PTI regime had hampered the progress of the CPEC, deteriorated relations with the European Union, the United States and its brother Islamic countries, and risked isolating the country.

He said he doesn’t want Pakistan to turn into Cuba or North Korea. “We have Pakistan. [development, like] Malaysia, Turkey, China, Korea.”

“When the no-confidence measure came out,” the minister said, referring to Im Ran as a hero after encouraging the Vice President (Kasim Suri) to violate the Constitution. “Those people are criminals, not heroes. And there will be action against them,” Iqbal asserted.

The minister defended the Supreme Court against an order that was ousted by a parliamentary vote after Imran decided to dissolve the parliament.

“The state-of-the-art court has done its job and no one has the right to point a finger at it,” he said.

The PML-N leader also accused PTI of trying to put pressure on the Pakistan Election Commission in an attempt to influence foreign financing cases. Just a day ago, Imran called for his resignation, accusing Sikan Dar Sultan Raja of being biased. Raja later said he had no good reason to do so and would maintain his position in the best interests of the country.

Iqbal made frequent references to the former prime minister’s “conspiracy” in his presser “Lorna-Virus”, sworn that the country would move forward and that a coalition government would solve all problems facing the country.

Iqbal also alleges that Imran has dishonored Pakistan by selling Toshakhana gifts abroad. He said the public will be relieved “someday”, adding that the government’s top priority is to restructure the economy.

He rejected the idea that the government was concerned about Imran’s march to Islamabad, saying the ousted prime minister had done all of this before and will continue to do so.

The minister has promised that there will be no “false cases” about Imran and only “true cases” will be received. “The evidence will guide all our actions,” he said.