Imprudent comments by politicians about Lt Gen Faiz Hameed ‘very inappropriate’: ISPR – Pakistan

Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) made an exception to “inappropriate remarks” about Peshawar Corps commander Lt. Col. Faiz Hameed, which senior state politicians described as “very inappropriate”.

A spokesperson for the military’s media department said in a statement that the Peshawar Legion was a “great organization” of the military and had led the war on terrorism for more than 20 years.

“One of the most capable and professional officers has taken on the responsibility of leading this prestigious organization. The rude remarks of important high-ranking politicians in recent years have been [the] “The commander of the Peshawar corps is very inappropriate,” ISPR said.

He added that such remarks damage the reputation and morale of the institution and its leadership.

“High-level political leaders [the] “The State refrains from making offensive remarks about the brave officers and soldiers who are constantly risking their lives to uphold Pakistan’s integrity and sovereignty.”

‘Tolerant and restraining army’

In an interview with the press shortly after the press release was released, ISPR Director-General Babar Iftikhar said that over the past few days, “a lot of remarks” by national politicians have been “very inappropriate”.

Iftikhar said the agency was “showing tolerance and restraint and calling for the military not to be drawn into politics.”

He said the military has an important responsibility to ensure the security of its western, eastern and northern borders while taking steps to ensure internal security. “As an institution, we have nothing to do with the political situation of the country,” he said.

An Army spokesman also said the appointment of the next Army Chief of Staff should not be “controversial” as it is controversial. He added that the process for the appointment of the Army Chief of Staff is set out in the Constitution and will be conducted in accordance with the law.

DG ISPR said no one in the military is likely to create a rift.

A military official said, “We are using SNS as a means of incitement, not just criticism.”

He made it clear that early general election decisions should be made by politicians, not the military, and emphasizes that politicians can make better decisions. “Every time the military is called up for political reasons, the matter becomes controversial.”

DG ISPR added that the military never invites politicians to meetings, but that whenever an opponent requests it, the Chief of Staff must respond.

recent statement

The ISPR statement did not name specific politicians, but PPP co-chairs Asif Ali Zardari and PML-N’s Maryam Nawaz mentioned Lt. Hameed, who served as Inter-Services Intelligence Director from 16 June to 10 October 2019. it came out later. January 19, 2021.

On Wednesday, at a press conference in Karachi, Zardari was asked about Lieutenant General Hamid and replied, “The helpless Faiz Hamid has been absent.” However, he later explained that he had given the sentence “unintentionally”.

Meanwhile, Maryam told reporters outside Islamabad’s High Court earlier today that a military commander must be a person of “perfect reputation” without criticism or suspicion.

PML-N’s Vice President made these remarks in response to questions about Defense Minister Khawaja Asif’s remarks.

She said in a media talk that the military is a respected institution for the country and the people. “The state looks to the army for the unification and security of Pakistan. So it is important that the Chief of Staff be worthy and sober so that people can pay their respects to the Pakistani army.”

At last week’s Fateh Jang rally, Maryam criticized Lieutenant Hamid, referring to Imran Khan’s recent podcast appearance, and said the intelligence chief is the government’s “eyes and ears”.

“I know he’s not your eyes and ears,” the PML-N leader said. [rather] He was the hand you used to subdue your political opponents.”