IHC orders authorities to produce Shireen Mazari at 11:30pm, explain ‘why her rights were violated’ – Pakistan

The Islamabad High Court (IHC) releases PTI leader Shireen Mazari from court to the Minister of the Interior at 11:30 tonight, hours after police officers arrested and arrested outside her residence in Islamabad in a land title and transfer case commanded to do it. .

The IHC reopened outside normal business hours after Mazari’s daughter, Imaan Zainab Mazari-Hazir, filed a petition against her mother’s arrest.

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From a three-page court order Serb.comThe High Court has already issued an order that no MNA can be arrested without the permission of the Speaker, and since Mazari is still an MNA for not being removed from his position, “under what authority of law was the fundamental rights of Dr. Shireen Mazari violated?” “.

The IHC issued instructions to the Interior Minister and also summoned Islamabad Police Chief Dr Akbar Nasir Khan and Deputy Director Irfan Nawaz Memon.

The court said the order should also be sent to Islamabad Attorney General Jahangir Khan Jadoon and Pakistan Attorney General Ashtar Ausaf Ali.

Earlier today, Mazari’s daughter tweeted, claiming that Mazari was “beaten and taken away by male police officers,” adding that “all I have heard is that the anti-corruption wing Lahore took her.”

The Anti-Corruption Organization (ACE) confirmed the following. Serb.com Mazari was detained.

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Islamabad police did not agree with Mazari’s daughter version. “Dr. Shireen Mazari was arrested by a female police officer under the law at the request of her anti-corruption department. News of her mishandling is unfounded.”

In the broadcast of her arrest, Mazari was seen being pulled out of her car by a female police officer and protesting, “No, don’t touch it.”

In the video, an unidentified voice could be heard telling her “no problem” and the issue could be discussed “peacefully”. “You’re using violence. Don’t take my phone…you damn it.” I could hear Mazari respond.

allegations against Mazari

According to the first intelligence report on the Mazari case, submitted on April 11 by Dera Ghazi Khan’s Anti-Corruption Unit, Mazari had acquired land from his father Ashiq Mohammad Khan. has inherited The FIR alleges that Mazari “forged” 800 canals of that land in Rojhan to Progressive Farm Limited.

The FIR asserts that “this company is fake,” according to Deputy Director Rojhan, as there are no traces of these companies in the revenue department’s records. In the FIR, Mazari is accused of conspiring with local land authorities to transfer “fake” land.

PTI calls IHC against Mazari’s arrest.

Shortly thereafter, Mazari’s daughter filed a petition against the arrest with the High Court of Islamabad (IHC), when a retired IHC employee returned to the court building that same day.

memorial Serb.comApproved and urged to issue a production order to Mazari.

It has also directed relevant law enforcement agencies to produce PTI leaders and subsequently asked them to stop “expanding threats” against the petitioner and her family.

“It is no secret that the petitioner’s mother has been fiercely critical of law enforcement’s human rights violations. […] There are also records that the plaintiff and her mother were often targeted.[s] Thank you for taking a bold and straightforward stand on the country’s human rights violations,” the petition said.

IHC Chief Justice Athar Minallah was at his home when he was informed about the urgent nature of the petition. He is expected to decide soon whether there will be an immediate hearing on the petition.

PTI Leader Submits FIR Application for Arrest of Hamza

PTI leaders Asma Qadeer, Zille Huma and Anita Mehsood have submitted an application to the Kohsar Police Department for registration of the First Intelligence Report (FIR) on Punjab Prime Minister Hamza Shehbaz regarding the “abduction” of Mazari.

You may use a copy in the application. Serb.com, PTI leaders said they could watch footage of Shireen’s “arrest”. According to the rules, ACE Punjab had to record details of arrivals and departures from the capital at the Kohsar police station as Islamabad was not part of Punjab.

However, the application added that this was not done and “means Hamza Shebaz was responsible for the entire incident.”

“Therefore, we need to register the FIR for the person responsible for this video and against Hamza Shehbaz for this tort and the kidnapping of Shireen Mazari,” he said.

Punjab CM Hamza orders Mazari’s release after backlash.

Following a violent backlash, Punjab CM Hamza Shehbaz ordered Mazari’s release, saying that he “disagrees” the arrest and that action will be taken against the anti-corruption staff behind the incident.

“As a woman, Shireen Mazari should be respected,” he said in a statement. “The arrest of women is not in line with our social values.”

“If arrest is inevitable as a result of the investigation, the law will find a way,” he said. “As a party, PML-N believes in respecting women.”

The prime minister condemned the use of “shameful language” against fellow PML-N leader Maryam Nawaz, but said “revenge is not our style”. He was referring to misogynistic remarks by former Prime Minister and PTI leader Imran Khan in Multan on Friday.

He directed Rawalpindi police to release Mazari from the custody of anti-corruption officials.

Mazari’s daughter arrested for “abduction”

Shireen Mazari’s daughter Imaan speaks to the press in Islamabad. — Dawn News TV

Visibly bewildered outside the Khosar police station, Imaan issued a brief statement to the press, calling her mother’s detention a “abduction.”

Standing next to PTI’s senior leaders Fawad Chaudhry and Shibli Faraz, she said, “She was kidnapped. I’m not saying she’s arrested.” “When someone is arrested, the police will tell you what the charges were. [a person] It is stolen for the sake of it,” he added.

“I don’t know where she is. She was forced to disappear by this government because she thinks women are soft targets.”

“If anything happens to my mother, no one will spare me,” she said.

Then she left and said she would let PTI officials speak.

When he spoke, Chaudhry agreed that Imaan defined detention as kidnapping. “This is a kidnapping. We do not know where she is. This is a grave human rights violation.”

He added about the way the government captured a woman, beat her, ripped her clothes and took her inhumanely. [is condemnable]”.

Dr. Mazari is a respected scholar and is known for his service to human rights, Chaudhry said.

“This is a declaration of war by the government, and then a declaration of war on our part as well. If we have to fight now, it will be a fight.”

Meanwhile, Shahbaz Gill, the former Prime Minister’s special adviser for political communications, has asked PTI employees to go to the capital’s Khosar Police Station.

‘Dozens of cases’

Malik Ahmad Khan, spokesman for Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, said Mazari’s family had “manipulated” the land records and “forced them back from poor farmers.”

“According to the Federal Land Commission’s report, action was taken against the local revenue officer at the time and Shireen Mazari was the beneficiary. The land is owned by them. There are over 200 petitioners,” he said. Press conference in Islamabad.

Khan added that an investigation into “blatant fraud” should be done.

He said the case was registered in March when PTI came to power. “A warrant has been issued. There is a judicial order to arrest. We are not accusers, but justice will be done.”

A spokesperson said the FIR in March was not the only case, dozens of cases were registered in 2008 and 2013, including cases involving Mazari’s entire family.

“We are specifically saying that they falsified documents, destroyed income records, took land and created misinformation.”

He also called the former minister “a deceptive character and abusive language.”

Speaking at the press conference with Khan, PML-N leader Ataullah Tarar told PTI, “Don’t worry (aap ne ghabrana nahi hai)”.

“you [took over] You are saying that the land is 800 canals and the clothes are torn.”

Politicians condemn ‘rape and kidnapping’

Meanwhile, former Prime Minister and PTI President Imran Khan said Mazari was brave and fearless and that it would be a mistake to believe that the government could “force her through this fascism.”

“Our movement is completely peaceful, but this fascist-imported government wants to plunge the country into chaos. They now want anarchy to avoid elections, just as it is not enough to corner the economy,” he said. claimed.

Imran said the PTI will protest today and announce the date of a planned long march to the capital after a key committee meeting tomorrow.

PTI Secretary General Asad Umar said party members across Pakistan will protest Shireen’s “illegal detention”.

PTI Vice President Fawad Chaudhry also said party members should protest under the direction of local leadership.

PTI Punjab President Shafqat Mahmood condemned the “illegal and brutal kidnapping” of the former minister. He also announced that the party will be protesting at Lahore’s Liberty roundabout at 8pm.

PTI leader Farrukh Habib also condemned the detention. “Shireen Mazari was humiliated by male police officers and was taken and arrested,” he tweeted. “A few days ago, officials also visited her house.”

Former Attorney General Baba Awan denounced the “shameless and showy” government that detained Mazari, saying he was proving that no one was safe.