IHC issues show-cause notice to FIA director for ‘exceeding authority’ in raid on Mohsin Baig’s house – Pakistan

The Islamabad High Court (IHC) sent a notice of acknowledgment to the head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FIA) Cybercrime Investigation Agency’s (FIA) Cybercrime Investigation Division’s (FIA) Cybercrime Investigation Division’s (FIA) Department of State’s (FIA) city of Islamabad’s Monday a raid on the home of journalist Mosin Jamil Beg on charges of “exceeding authority.” You have asked the state to submit a response.

IHC Chief Justice Athar Minallah issued the notice while listening to a petition from White’s wife calling for the destruction of the first intelligence report against her husband.

The FIA ​​arrested him on 16 February for raiding Baig’s residence in Islamabad and shooting and rioting members of the raid team. The raid was carried out in response to complaints from Communications Minister Murad Saee alleging that his reputation was “damaged” by Baig during the TV show.

Baig accused the prime minister of “showing favoritism” by awarding a prize to his “close friend” Saee.

Baig was named in two cases: one registered with the FIA ​​and one registered with the Margella Police.

The first case was registered with the FIA’s Cybercrime Reporting Center in Lahore. news source talk show G for GharidahBaig was one of the panelists.

Then, last week, the FIA ​​team took action on Saeed’s complaints by raiding Baig’s residence in Islamabad. During the raid, officials claimed that Baig was arrested by the police after shooting and violently assaulting a member of the FIA ​​team, and that a separate case was registered for assaulting a government official.

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At the hearing, the court summoned Babar Bakht Qureshi, the head of the FIA’s cybercrime investigation, before appearing in court.

Judge Minallah beat the FIA ​​director and told the court not to arrest the FIA. “This court will act against you,” the Chief Justice of the IHC said. “Your job is to protect the people, not to restore the elite’s reputation.”

The FIA ​​Director shall read the contents of the FIR as directed by the court. Judge Minallah asked Qureshi whether the accuser had shared a video from a TV show.

“The FIA ​​has the right to oppose anyone under the law,” said the head of the Cyber ​​​​Crime Wing, and the judge asked whether the FIA ​​was above the law.

The court then asked the FIA ​​director to read Baig’s remarks during the TV show and explain if there were any derogatory remarks.

Qureshi said quotes from a book by Prime Minister Imran Khan’s ex-wife Reham Khan were “slanderous”.

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The court repeated the objection and asked the FIA ​​Director whether the agency’s role was to protect people or provide services to public officials.

Judge Minallah asked FIA officials about the number of cases pending with the FIA. In response, Qureshi said the FIA ​​had about 14,000 backlogs.

“Have you ever been arrested for something like this?” the judge asked.

Qureshi sought permission from the court to read Section 21-D (Crimes against Humility of Natural Persons and Minors) of Pakistan’s Criminal Code. The judge said it only caused more embarrassment to the company, but nothing more.

Judge Minallah asked the FIA ​​Director for a written response as to who asked “to do all these things.”

He said that political leadership, not society, was responsible for what happened in this case.

Meanwhile, Baig’s attorney Latif Khosa told the court that the entire episode could have been avoided if the FIA ​​had not “illegal” raided the residence.

The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court replied, “If someone comes to my house and introduces myself as an FIA official and asks to go together, I will go with them.”

Additional Attorney General Qasim Wadood also informed the court that Section 21 of the Electronic Crimes Prevention Act (Peca) did not justify action against Baig.

The Chief Justice of the IHC has declared that Baig’s allegations of his release are “unacceptable”, but said the FIA ​​will investigate the actions taken and the actions committed by the suspects will be investigated by the trial court.

At the next hearing on February 24, the court also summoned Attorney General Khalid Javed Khan.

ATC extends physical detention of Baig by two days

Meanwhile, the anti-terrorism court extended the physical detention of Baig by two more days at the request of the Islamabad police.

Baig’s attorney, Khosa, said law enforcement officers misused a court-approved ruling in response to the police’s request for an extension.

He also accused the police of failing to file the client’s medical report with the court. The court later directed the plaintiffs to file an application in this regard, it added, adding that a tribunal would look into it.

After Baig’s lawyers filed the application, the court issued a subpoena to the medical supervisor of the Islamabad Polyclinic and postponed the hearing until February 23.

Controversial TV shows

Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (Pemra) announced on 12 Feb. news source To broadcast “derogatory/derogatory comments” about Saeed “without editorial confirmation” on the program.

In the announcement, Pemra said anchor Gharida Farooqui to her panelists “[real] It took first place in the side ministry with ”the reason”. Baig, who participated in the panel, also replied, “I don’t know,” but the reason was “It was recorded in Reham Khan’s book.”

Another panelist, Iftikhar Ahmed, said, “Who doesn’t know about the performances and charges against the best (Saed)?”

Meanwhile, analyst Tariq Mehmood said some things were “self-explanatory” and asked the anchor not to stifle it because Pemra is watching.

“The book was also mentioned. Imran Khan likes him a lot, he is a very hard working minister, he is very close to Imran Khan and proves once again that he has left everyone else behind. In terms of performance. So what more can I say? Do you want to?” said Mehmood.

Host Farooqui said he didn’t understand what he was saying and asked defense analyst Lt-Gen(retd) Amjad Shoaib for clarification.

“I didn’t read it. [Reham Khan’s] It’s a book, but I’ve definitely heard of Mohsin Baig. I agree with him and I can’t say anything else,” Sho’ive said.