IHC directs FIA to immediately remove Shahbaz Gill, Shahzad Akbar from no-fly list – Pakistan

Supreme Court Chief Justice of Islamabad High Court (IHC) Athar Minala failed to comply with a court order on Wednesday to temporarily remove the names of former prime minister Imran Khan’s key advisers Shahbaz Gill and Mirza Shahzad. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FIA) officials were reprimanded. Akbar — ordered the names of PTI leaders to be removed from the “stop list” immediately from the no-fly list.

“The government has to show that it will not take action based on retaliation,” said Judge Minala, adding that the court would not allow that. He also instructed the FIA ​​Director-General (DG) not to “harass” anyone.

He made these remarks after hearing a petition from Gill and Akbar calling for the repeal of the FIA ​​action banning international travel.

Their names, along with the names of the other four PTI members, are Dr Arsalan Khalid, Imran Khan’s Digital Media Representative. former Prime Minister Imran’s chief secretary Azam Khan; Punjab Anti-Corruption Secretary-General Gohar Nafees; FIA Punjab Zone Secretary General Mohammad Rizwan was added to the no-fly list earlier this week.

After that, Gill and Akbar approached the IHC on the matter, and the court yesterday (Tuesday) offered interim relief, stopping the order to put your name on the FIA’s no-fly list.

At the hearing, an FIA official told the court that the names of PTI members were placed on a “suspend list” amid “the new situation in the country.”

“What’s going on? Martial law?” Judge Minallah asked.

In response, officials told the court that on April 8, a complaint was received that the names of PTI members were included in the list.

However, the petitioner’s lawyers claimed that the customer’s name was added to the list shortly after the National Assembly passed a no-confidence bill for former Prime Minister Imran Khan around 2:00 a.m. on April 10.

The FIA ​​said today that it has delivered a complaint to the court in the FIA ​​Islamabad district. They added that Akbar and Gill’s names were added to the “beyond assets” list.

These statements earned the FIA ​​a rebuke from Judge Minala. Judge Minala said, “What do you mean? Did the former (PTI) government publicize this case against them (PTI members)? Take it seriously.”

“Since when did the FIA ​​become so independent to register cases against the people of the current government?” The judge added. “Don’t panic. Keep in mind that we will not let this Constitutional Court do all of this. The Court will not allow all of this to happen.”

He said the new government “must show that it will not take action based on retaliation.”

“This court is a witness to everything the FIA ​​has done in the last two years,” said the Chief Justice of the IHC.

When the petitioner’s lawyers told the court that the names of PTI members were still on the do-not-fly list despite the court’s orders the day before, Judge Minala said: “What’s the law on adding names to the banned list? “

At that point, Akbar urged the judge to question whether FIA officials had launched an investigation into officials whose names were on the list.

Officials said two investigations were registered with the court.

In response to the delayed removal of PTI members’ names from the list, officials said they received a court order late and left to pray the Taraweeh until the order arrived.

Then they were sure they would follow the court’s instructions.

Calling the matter “serious,” Judge Minallah ordered officials to remove Gill’s name and Akbar’s name from the list immediately.

He instructed the FIA ​​DG “no one should be harassed”.

Judge Minallah requested a report on the matter from the FIA ​​DG and the Secretary of the Interior at the next hearing on April 18.

petitions and orders

Akbar pointed out in the petition that he was placed on the no-fly list “around 1:55 a.m.” shortly after the no-confidence bill was introduced in the National Assembly. He was a respondent who did not ask the person’s grievances and acted under someone’s instructions from behind.”

He urged the court to declare the FIA’s actions invalid and unconstitutional and to order an investigation into them.

Akbar responded to the Ministry of Home Affairs, FIA DG and FIA Immigration as additional DGs.

In an order issued on the petition yesterday, the IHC directed that “the no-fly list/PNIL of the petitioner and three other officials (Muhammad Azam Khan, Muhammad Gohar Nafees and Arsalan Khalid) will continue to cease operation.”

It also sought clarification from respondents as to “who approved the listing of the names of the applicant and three other officials closely related to the former prime minister”. List.

“They are expected to satisfy the court that the action was not based on the victim,” the court order said.