Govt to form inquiry commission to probe ‘foreign conspiracy’ – Pakistan

Intelligence Minister Marriyum Aurangzeb announced on Thursday that the government had decided to set up an “independent” investigating committee to investigate the “foreign conspiracy” that former Prime Minister Imran Khan has alleged was behind the government’s ouster.

The minister said at a press conference in Islamabad that the committee “will fairly decide that all the stories of foreign conspiracies are drama and the real person behind them is Imran Khan.”

“These allegations are an attempt to cause irreparable harm to the country,” the intelligence minister said.

Forecasting the post-investigation scenario, Aurangzeb said anyone who raised such charges would be “treated in accordance with the law” in light of the investigation committee’s decision.

She reiterated that the committee would be independent and that the report of the investigation would be presented to the public. “This drama must end now.”

The Minister said that the commission of inquiry will be presented to the Cabinet for approval at the next meeting.

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Aurangzeb added that no one, including Imran Khan, could challenge the name of the committee chair.

She accused the PTI chief and former prime minister of attempting to divert public attention from the corruption allegations of Farah Khan, a close friend of Imran’s wife Bushra Bibi.

The minister accused Imran of saying that the PTI-led government facilitated the opening of about 34 bank accounts between 2018 and 2022, most of them opened in Farah’s name. “During this period, 870.4 million rupees were transferred to the account.”

The PML-N leader went on to say that the PTI government “sold” Pakistan’s foreign policy and aroused the ire of “friendly countries”.

She said Imran would not accept the commission of inquiry, but “Pakistan’s parliament and the people will accept the results of the investigation.”

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Controversy over the no-confidence bill for former Prime Minister Imran Khan changed dramatically when the distressed prime minister, at a rally on March 27, days before resigning, claimed that a letter contained evidence that a “foreign conspiracy” would hatch and collapse. his government.

Imran was silent about the contents of the letter when he first made it public, but a few days later, as his government’s exit appeared imminent, he spilled the beans by naming America.

Imran’s claim that the United States led the resignation is based on reports by Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States Assad Majid about a meeting with Donald Lu, Assistant Secretary for Central and South Asia.

Majeed said Donald Lu had warned that Imran Khan’s presidency, facing a vote of no confidence, would affect relations between the two countries. The US is said to be dissatisfied with Imran’s ‘independent diplomacy’ and visit to Moscow.

The Pentagon and the State Department have repeatedly denied the facts.

The National Security Council (NSC), which includes all service heads and the director of Pakistan’s highest intelligence agency, addressed the matter on March 31, chaired by then Prime Minister Imran Khan. The forum has decided to make a “strong march” against the country, which has not given a name for what it calls “blatant interference in Pakistan’s internal affairs”.

He said the language used in the statement was “non-diplomatic”, calling it “unacceptable interference under any circumstances.”

The forum was insufficient to call the interference a conspiracy at the time, but another meeting of the NSC was chaired by the newly elected Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif on 22 April and the same military aides who were present at the March 31 session. included.

The NSC said at its second meeting that it “reaffirmed the decision of the last NSC meeting”, explicitly adding that it found no evidence of a foreign conspiracy.

PTI refuses commissions.

Former intelligence minister Fawad Chaudhry said at a press conference this afternoon that he had already rejected a government commission “named to cover up the truth”.

“The PTI will only accept an independent judicial commission to hear cases openly,” he demanded.

Chaudhry added that the new government is “doing the same thing” as a US defense analyst recently sided with Ukraine and talked about the conditions the US has imposed on Pakistan, including limiting relations with China.

Regarding the charges against Farah Khan, the former minister said the government had not yet filed a lawsuit against Farah. She said, “She will respond directly when her case is filed.”

He also rebuked the Minister of Information for daily press briefings without presenting evidence.

Prime Minister Chaudhry called Shehaz a ‘criminal minister’ and said the energy crisis is a major problem but the government has so far not appointed an energy minister.

He added that Imran had planned six public gatherings from May 6 to May 20, and the former prime minister would ask people to march to Islamabad in the next few days.