Get justice for me if I’m killed, Imran asks charged crowd at Faisalabad rally – Pakistan

PTI President Imran Khan said on Sunday that his life was threatened and that he had recorded a video message that would be released in the event of his death and told supporters: “Just in case something happens to me, do justice for me and my country. ” he urged.

“I filmed the video because I know the history of Pakistan. Our judicial system tells us that we cannot arrest powerful criminals, so we leave it to the people. If anything happens to me, the state must define me.” Imran said in Faisalabad said at a large public gathering in

“Will you do it?” The PTI president asked the claimed crowd.

“You have to make two promises with me. If anything happens to the people I mention in the video, I have to confront them and get them to go to court so that those in power can face the law for the first time.”

He also asked the crowd to sign a pact “never accept slavery” and “never vote for a party whose leaders’ money is hidden abroad.”

He said such politicians cannot be relied upon to protect the interests of the country because their wealth is abroad and their priorities are elsewhere.

Regarding Foreign Secretary Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari’s upcoming visit to the United States, he said the government would beg money from the United States and “use my name to scare them.” [US]”.

U.S. help would entail stringent conditions, including a call to Pakistan to “serve India, forget the Kashmir and Palestinian cause, and withdraw business dealings with Russia and Iran,” Imran said.

On a seemingly light note, Imran told the crowd A lot of (turncourt) won a future election in Faisalabad. Otherwise, he said, “I will not come to Faisalabad again.”

‘Economic destruction’

Earlier, Imran vehemently criticized the PMLN-led coalition government, claiming that the country was “heading for ruin.”

He questioned the government’s ability to sustain the economy, noting that the rupee continues to fall against the dollar, the stock market is under pressure and inflation is soaring.

Imran said his government was ousted at a time when “the country’s wealth and exports were growing.”

“We were collecting historical taxes, farmers made unprecedented money, crop yields increased and we got four record crops,” he said.

Reiterating that his government was ousted through conspiracies hatched within the United States, Imran said the local “Mir Jafar and Mir Sadix” fueled this. charges of conspiracy against him.

“Why don’t you reach out to TV channels and media houses and people and ask how expensive tomatoes and chicken are today? The price of chicken has doubled because Hamza Shehbaz is in the business,” said Imran.

Suomoto Caution

Imran denounced Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif and Punjab Prime Minister Hamza Shehbaz, lamenting that those without trial have held such high posts, calling it “disrespect to the state”.

He claimed that Shehbaz fired all Federal Investigation Agency employees who were tracking money laundering cases against him and his sons shortly after Shehbaz took office.

Imran has also reiterated claims from yesterday regarding the circumstances surrounding the death of former FIA Director Mohammad Rizwan, who was investigating money laundering allegations against PM Shehbaz.

He claimed that Rizwan died of a heart attack as a result of the “excessive pressure” he faced from Punjab CM Hamza. The PTI president claimed that another FIA employee involved in today’s incident also suffered a heart attack.

“I was afraid this would happen,” Imran said, urging the Supreme Court to pay attention to these cases “as you did to us” so that two FIA employees could decide how they had a heart attack.

“Let’s talk about poisons that cause heart attacks if you put them in food,” he insisted.

In his speech later this month, he urged people from all walks of life to march on Islamabad and “liberate Pakistan from such leaders.”