Former SAPM Nadeem Afzal Chan-ges party again, goes back to PPP – Pakistan

Former Prime Minister’s Special Adviser and senior PTI leader Nadim Afzal Chan announced on Sunday that he would rejoin the PPP, calling his decision to join the ruling party “wrong”.

Chan left the PTI’s PPP in April 2018 and ran for the general election with the party vote of NA-88 (Sargodha -I), but lost. His brother Gulraiz Afzal Chan is currently a PTI member of the Punjab Parliament in the PP-68 constituency in Malakwal.

He resigned as Prime Minister’s spokesperson in January last year. A visit to the Western Bypass in Quetta by PTI leaders has been delayed, as PTI leaders have staged sit-ins for justice by families of victims of the Mach genocide.

He was also a tehsil nazim of Malakwal in 2001 and his clan has been a member of the PPP since the early 70’s.

In a press conference with PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari in Lahore, Chan said he was a “politician” and started his political career at the PPP about 22 years ago.

“My decision to join PTI was wrong,” Chan said, adding that there is a family-related compulsion to transition from PPP to PTI.

He told Prime Minister Imran that he was and will continue to support Bhutto. “I feel like I’m home at this point. I’m so happy. Everyone knows how happy I am,” he said.

“There are many PTI leaders from loyal families of former PPPs, but I have witnessed what they have gone through,” he said, adding that the PPP leadership gave him “respect” and thanked him for ending it with “Jiye Bhutto”.

Meanwhile, the PPP chairman welcomed Chan back to the party. He said that any worker who raised the slogan of “Jiye Bhutto” or waved the pull can join the PPP. “If this is my party, then it’s your party too.”

Bilawal said the opposition is working to ensure transparent elections so that democratic governments can solve the myriad of problems people face.

The PPP chairman said the government is facing unprecedented pressure from the opposition’s plans to continue pushing ahead with the no-confidence bill. “It is a tool that has shaken the entire government to its core and forced them to resume contact with their own people.”

Bilawal said the government is more likely to succumb to the pressures of a no-confidence bill than any other form of protest. “It’s difficult, but we have to try and it’s worth the risk. We have to challenge this government,” he said.

“No one can guarantee an all-out victory in this struggle and it would be great if we succeed, but if [defeat]”We will not stand still and will continue to press the government to go home,” he said.

Bilawal said former President Asif Ali Zardari, PML-N Chairman Shehbaz Sharif and Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) leader Maulana Fazlur Rehman will meet soon to finalize the action against the government.

Meanwhile, Senator Sherry Rehman welcomed Chan’s return to the PPP, saying “the old Zyala are coming back to the party.”