Former PM Imran hosts record-breaking ‘Twitter rally’ – Pakistan

IT took only minutes for former Prime Minister and Pakistani Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan to break the internet on Wednesday night and break a world record on Twitter.

Nearly half a million (over 446,000) users worldwide have interacted with Mr Khan through Spaces, Twitter’s live audio feature. The average number of users listening at one time was 165,000. The address was also broadcast live on other platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, which have thousands of views.

However, the highlight for PTI supporters, both inside and outside Pakistan, was the ability to convey support and concern to leaders. “take care?” As we officially kicked off the hour-long session, we asked a worried supporter.

Asked about his life being threatened at today’s Lahore rally, Khan said he would attend no matter what.

“Minar-i-Pakistan is a special place because the Pakistan resolution was submitted. Indian Muslims decided they wanted to. [a] separated [home]earth. We will also start our freedom movement there. “I believe a record number of people will come,” he said.

The PTI leader said he did not expect such a large crowd to support him after his government was overthrown earlier this month. “I was only expecting 5% of what actually came out. When I saw the people, I was so happy because I saw the country rise. 75 years ago we first saw where we were supposed to be,” he added.

The former prime minister said the protests by Pakistanis abroad were “unprecedented” and that “as people become politically aware, the conspiracy will no longer work.”

the role of the military

Amid the FIA’s crackdown on social media activists running anti-state campaigns and PML-N’s allegations of bots being involved in the tendencies of these campaigns, PTI leaders urged supporters to say nothing about the Pakistani military. “Never slander the military. Without the army, we would not have survived. “We need more troops than Imran Khan,” he said.

He added that Pakistan’s enemies were attacking the army and weakened it when Nawaz Sharif and Asif Zardari came to power. “What was Dawn Leaks and Memogate?” he asked.

There were other important issues that needed urgent attention from PTI leaders. For example, what about the memes that social media proponents say they’re tired of making? “I stopped reading the thesis. Social media is in place, and I only look at social media,” Khan replied.


Speaking of the chief electoral commissioner, Khan said the ECP’s judgment was “anti-PTI.” “that day [foreign funding] Hearing all three cases at the same time, it will become clear that only PTI has an adequate funding system.”

In terms of future strategy and selecting the elected president rather than the core PTI workers, Chairman Lee said he voted for the wrong person and said that he would prefer casual workers over the elected candidates this time. “Last time, I didn’t vote for myself. This time, we will not approve a single ticket without an investigation,” said Khan.

freedom of speech

Answering the question that 95% of the press opposes Imran Khan’s government and politics, the PTI leader argued that the country’s press was the most free during his tenure. “The so-called liberals used to attack us for freedom of the press. We faced the most criticism and propaganda. They spread fake news against us. All the media today is darkening us. This is because these mafia choose the media owners,” he said.

“I learned three months ago that journalists and anchors were getting foreign offers to run campaigns against us. But this won’t work in the age of social media, information leaks and can’t be stopped.”

Khan said he will also start speaking with the international press after the Lahore rally.

Before closing the meeting, Khan said he had never seen a consciousness of nationalism as prevalent among the people as he had seen after the government was removed. “This will make Pakistan a country. I urge everyone to come to Minar-i-Pakistan tomorrow. We will make history in a historic place.”

Posted at Serb on April 21, 2022