Foreign envoys urge Pakistan to condemn Russian invasion of Ukraine during emergency UNGA session – World

The heads of several foreign missions in Pakistan, including Germany and France, urged Islamabad to condemn Russia’s armed hostility to Ukraine at a special meeting of the General Assembly convened to vote on a resolution against Russia.

In a joint letter to Pakistan on Tuesday, the delegation based in Pakistan recalled that a draft resolution was submitted to the UN Security Council on February 25, but Russia, China, India and the UAE refused to abstain. , 11 voted in favor.

Foreign dignitaries said the resolution was intended to reaffirm Ukraine’s commitment to sovereignty, independence, unity and territorial integrity within internationally recognized borders and would have deplored Russia’s aggression in Ukraine in its strongest terms.

“The resolution also calls for the immediate, complete and unconditional withdrawal of all armed forces from Russia from the territory of Ukraine.”

Foreign embassies in Pakistan have noted that Russia “posed no threat” as it carried out “unauthorized attacks and invaded peaceful neighboring countries”.

This is a clear violation of the Charter of the United Nations and poses a serious risk to world peace and security.”

The ambassadors stressed the need for the international community to work in solidarity, support and support a rule-based international order “in these extreme times”.

They believe that the UN General Assembly will now be convened at an “emergency special meeting”, where the UNGA is expected to vote on a resolution to stop Russian aggression.

The letter was jointly signed by the ambassadors of Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Poland, Romania, Spain, Sweden, the Netherlands, Japan, Norway and Switzerland. as head of the European Union delegation to Pakistan.

The letter was also signed by the Australian ambassadors to Canada, the United Kingdom and Pakistan.

“The Charter of the United Nations has been challenged in the past but has stood on the side of peace, security, development, justice, international law and human rights,” said the special envoy, citing a statement from UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres. . The international community must do its best to spread these values ​​widely for Ukraine and for all humanity.”

“We mourn the loss of life and humanitarian suffering as innocent civilians are targeted and the mass migration of women and children progresses from Ukraine, an independent sovereign and UN member state, to neighboring countries. This is unacceptable in Europe. Like anywhere in the world,” he said.

The envoys of various foreign missions in Pakistan are:

  • Andrula Kaminara, Ambassador of the European Union to Pakistan
  • Nicholas Keller, Ambassador of Austria to Pakistan
  • Philippe Bronchain, Ambassador of Belgium to Pakistan
  • Irena Gancheva, Ambassador of Bulgaria to Pakistan
  • Lis Rosenholm, Ambassador of Denmark to Pakistan
  • French Ambassador to Pakistan Nicholas Galli
  • Bernhard Schlagek, German Ambassador to Pakistan
  • Béla Fazekas, Hungarian Ambassador to Pakistan
  • Andreas Ferrarese, Ambassador of Italy to Pakistan
    • Per Albert Ilsaas, Norwegian Ambassador to Pakistan
  • Paulo Neves, Portuguese Ambassador to Pakistan
  • Masiei Pissarski, Ambassador of Poland to Pakistan
  • Nicolae Goia, Ambassador of Romania to Pakistan
  • Manuel Durán Giménez-Rico, Ambassador of Spain to Pakistan
  • Benedict de Cerjat, Swiss Ambassador to Pakistan
  • Dutch Ambassador to Pakistan Wouter Plomp
  • Ambassador to Pakistan Mitsuhiro Wada
  • Canadian High Commissioner to Pakistan Wendy Gilmour
  • Dr. Christian Turner, British High Commissioner to Pakistan
  • Bryze David Hutchesson Acting High Commissioner for Australia in Pakistan

According to UN statementAbout 100 countries are expected to speak at the plenary session on Wednesday, when they are due to vote on a tentatively anticipated draft resolution on Ukraine.

However, he added, “The resolution of the General Assembly is not binding, but it has political weight as it expresses the will of the wider UN member states.”

Meanwhile, Serb Pakistan reported the day before that it had decided not to attend an emergency meeting of the UN General Assembly to discuss the situation in Ukraine.

“Pakistan has decided not to take sides on this issue,” a diplomatic source said. Serb. “Islamabad supports a peaceful and negotiated solution.”

Prime Minister Imran Khan, who visited Moscow on the day the invasion began last week, defended his decision on Monday.

Russia defended its decision to invade Ukraine as a member state when member states demanded an end to the war. Russian ambassador Vasily Nebenzia has rejected proposals that Moscow has launched a military operation to protect residents of fugitive areas in eastern Ukraine.