FO summons Indian envoy, registers strong protest over unprovoked violation of airspace – World

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned India’s special envoy on Friday to register a protest against the unauthorized entry of airspace by a ‘supersonic flying object’ from India two days ago. and apathy towards regional peace and stability”.

also called The findings must be shared with Pakistan for a thorough and transparent investigation of the incident.

The day before, Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) Director General Babar Iftikhar released details of India’s “high-speed flying object” that fell on Mian Channu in the Khanewal region on Wednesday night. shared

“At 6:43 pm on March 9, the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) Air Defense Operations Center detected a high-speed flying object within Indian territory. I’m sorry, it fell near Channu.”

“The fall caused damage to civilian property,” he added, adding that no casualties were reported.

Air Force Sgt. Tariq Zia, speaking at a press conference with DG ISPR, told the media that when he picked up the projectile, two routes were active and several commercial airlines were in the area.

“If you look at the speed and height of the projectile, it was 40,000 feet high and the airline was between 35,000 and 42,000 feet. This could be very detrimental to the safety of passengers.”

The projectile traveled 124 kilometers within Pakistani territory in 3:44 seconds, he added.

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In a statement released today, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs told the Indian special envoy that “the reckless launch of an aircraft not only caused damage to private property but also put life on the ground at risk”. The projectile’s trajectory also put the lives of people traveling on domestic and international planes at risk and could lead to serious air accidents as well as civilian casualties, the statement said.

“India [envoy] Pakistan has been instructed to convey to the Government of India its strong condemnation of this blatant invasion of Pakistani airspace, which is in violation of established international norms and aviation safety protocols. These irresponsible incidents also reflect India’s disregard for aviation safety and its apathy for regional peace and stability,” the FO added.

It has warned India to be mindful of the “displeasurable consequences of such negligence” and called on effective measures to prevent such violations from occurring in the future.

‘Decision on the next project after clarification in India’

Foreign Minister Shah Mahmoud Qureshi called the incident “concern” and added that the international community and aviation organizations should take note.

In a statement, Kureshi said India had invaded Pakistan’s airspace and put innocent lives at risk.

Pakistan’s foreign minister said that Pakistan would decide on the next action after hearing India’s explanation, adding that a special envoy from the P-5 country (a permanent member of the UN Security Council) would be called to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to brief on the incident.

“India will have to take responsibility for this,” he stressed.

He recalled that Pakistan responded appropriately to India’s violations on February 26, referring to the incident three years ago when two Indian aircraft were shot down after they entered Indian airspace.

“We do not support aggression, but we have defended earlier and will do so in the future,” Qureshi added.

Other political leaders have also condemned the incident, saying PPP chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari was “unacceptable”.

“Pakistan has always sought peace and stability in the region and has not intended to trigger or escalate the crisis,” he tweeted.

Senator Faisal Javed said, “We strongly condemn India for invading Pakistani airspace together with Pakistanis.”

He added: “We pay tribute to our #ArmedForces for tracking and monitoring the entire flight path of an Indian projectile entering our airspace and violating international protocols.”

Asad Umar, Minister of Planning and Development, thanked the PAF for its response, saying that the PAF “has demonstrated once again that it is ready to keep the country safe from any threat.”