Faisal Vawda claims ‘conspiracy being hatched to assassinate’ PM Imran Khan – Pakistan

PTI leader Faisal Bauda said in shocking allegations on Wednesday that Prime Minister Imran Khan was plotting an assassination for refusing to “sell the country”.

As Vawda argued: ari news At PTI’s power show in Islamabad on March 27, Prime Minister Imran Khan wrote “Off Record” in response to a question about a letter he claimed contained “evidence” of a “foreign conspiracy” to overthrow his government. shows.

Federal Minister Asad Umar and Fawad Chaudhry said at a press conference on Tuesday that the letter warned of “terrible consequences” if Imran Khan remained prime minister.

Vawda said today the prime minister’s life was in danger, but remained elusive when asked whether a conspiracy to assassinate the prime minister was mentioned in the letter.

“There is a serious threat to Imran Khan,” Vawda told anchor Kashif Abbasi, one of the reporters who shared the letter earlier today. sahab‘s life. I don’t know if I read that part. [in the letter] about the results. It is life threatening.”

“There was mention of the assassination of Imran Khan. sahab‘ added Vawda.

Abbassi then asked for his confirmation.

“Are you saying that the letter also mentions the assassination of Imran Khan?” he asked.


“The impression of an assassination… is murder,” Vawda said vaguely, saying the prime minister had been told several times at a March 27 rally that bulletproof glass had to be installed in front of the prime minister. “But, as always, he [death] Allah will come when he wants. Do not worry.”

Abbasi asked Vawda if the letter explicitly mentioned or implied the assassination.

However, Vawda did not specify it.

“With the vote of no confidence, Prime Minister Imran’s life is also threatened. [has been a mention] assassination,” he replied.

When Abbasi asserted whether it was mentioned in the letter, Vawda replied, “It has to do with this letter. This is not the only letter.”

After a short pause, Abbasi said, “You are doing a great job. [statement].”

“I’m telling you what I know,” Vawda replied. “We are worried and concerned about our leader. A conspiracy to assassinate Imran Khan is taking place.”

Vawda said: “Imran Khan is a brave man. He will never sell his country. He will not sell his country. He will not take dollars.[s]. He will not allow the use of the base and he will not allow anyone to act as he pleases.”

“And that cost has been SarkarThat’s the government and his life,” Vawda added.

The PTI leader said there were threats before Imran Khan was elected prime minister. “[At big rallies], we used to stand before him with human shields. An agency that informs you that you have an opportunity today [of Imran Khan being attacked]”He said.

“We asked the Prime Minister to share this issue (threat to life) as well, but he is brave and doesn’t want to present it as his weakness,” Vawda added.