Ex-ministers’ presser outside Supreme Court turns ugly – Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Former ministers and leaders of Pakistan’s Tehreek-i-Insaf argued with journalists on questions related to corruption allegations outside the Supreme Court building on Wednesday.

The ugliest incident occurred after court proceedings were over, and Fawad Chaudhry and former Minister Asad Umar were speaking to the press during a press conference.

After leaving the courtroom, the two PTI leaders had a media talk. As soon as Umar finished speaking, senior journalist and social media journalist Matiullah Jan questioned the allegations against Farah Khan.

However, instead of allowing Umar to answer questions, former Minister Fawad Chaudhry intervened, insisting he would speak first and explain the situation in court.

Mr. Jan then repeated his question, and other reporters present supported him by saying that PTI leaders usually do not get questioned after press speeches.

Angry at the controversy, Mr. Chodri pointed at Mr. Yan and called the journalists “rent journalists.”

His words have already sparked a tense situation, causing a loud quarrel between Chaudhry and Jan. However, Umar and other senior PTI leaders avoided arguing.

Then, the PTI team left with the slogans of reporters.

In response to the incident, the Pakistan Federation of Federal Journalists (PFUJ) condemned Chodri’s “insulting attitude” outside the Supreme Court as “shameful” and demanded an apology from the former minister.

PFUJ Chairman Shajada Zulfikar and Secretary General Nasir Zaydi said in a statement that the minister used “derogatory” language about Jan and made “very reprehensible” nonsense about him.

The PFUJ said that all journalists have the right to ask questions and that “the minister or anyone else has the right to refuse to answer, but no one has the right to make fun of a journalist.”

They demanded an apology, warning that Chaudhry’s failure to apologize would trigger protests across the country.

They also asked the PTI president to take action against Chaudhry.

The Supreme Court Journalists’ Association strongly condemned the insulting behavior of the PTI representative and called for an apology for the “absurd accusation” of the reporters.

Posted at Serb on April 7, 2022