Elahi promised help for upcoming Punjab CM election – Pakistan

Lahore: Interim Prime Minister Imran Khan discussed the strategy for the upcoming provincial parliamentary session at a meeting with his party nominee Chaudhry Parvez Elahi for Punjab State Prime Minister, as well as the suspension of opposition members and options for dissolution of the parliament.

Also on Tuesday, Vice-Chairman Dost Muhammad Mazari postponed the Punjab Parliamentary Meeting scheduled for Wednesday (today) to 16 April.

The vice-chairman claimed that the meeting was postponed to complete repair and maintenance work on the hall.

Then, in the late-night situation, some TV channels reported that the Vice-Chairman replaced the previous order and convened a PA today (Wednesday) at 7:30 PM.

Confused whether the PA session is today or April 16th

A spokesperson for the Punjab parliament denied that the meeting was convened on Wednesday in an clarification released late night.

PML-Q Leader Moonis Elahi also said: Serb The notice floating around in the media was that there was no diary number and it was written on plain paper and was ‘fake’. He insisted that the meeting would take place on April 16, as notified a day earlier.

The interim Prime Minister chaired the meeting and was attended by Governor Omer Sarfraz Cheema, outgoing Prime Minister Usman Buzdar, Elahi, Shah Mahmood Qureshi and Fawad Chaudhry. The meeting discussed the strategy of electing a prime minister, which became inevitable because the outgoing House of Representatives was unable to dissolve the Punjab parliament.

Elahi briefed the meeting at the General Assembly on April 3rd. Mr Buzdar and Punjab PTI Chairman Shafqat Mahmood said they had succeeded in convincing the MPA, a party that had teamed up with the opposition.

When the prime minister asked the number of MPAs likely to vote for a party candidate, Elahi claimed to have supported 189 MPs, including opposition MPs.

Mr Khan asked if he needed to proceed with the session and if not, what options were available. Prime Minister Ellahi responded that opposition lawmakers had damaged the Houses of Parliament on 3 April, suggesting that about 15 opposition lawmakers would be suspended from voting in the lower house.

Prime Minister Khan also reportedly met Elahi and his son Moonis Elahi separately to ask if he needed his help for the CM election. Elahi said he would ask for it when needed.

Meanwhile, the PTI issued a notice asking the MPA to elect the party’s candidate Elahi as prime minister. “Anyone who opposes or abstains from a party candidate will be tried in accordance with Article 63A of the Constitution,” PTI Secretary General Assad Umar said.

The PTI was also considering submitting references to MPs sitting on the opposition bench or meeting with opposition leaders in the Punjab Parliament during the last session.

‘Local Traitor’

Meanwhile, interim Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday made it clear that all politicians who oppose him are traitors, saying he cannot allow the government to become a commodity worth between 15 and 20 billion rupees.

“If India saves this much money and buys the loyalty of its MPs from here, can it influence a regime change in Pakistan?”

Addressing PTI workers here at Iftar in the Governor’s House, Mr. Khan continued to spark nationalist enthusiasm. Some have become tools out of sheer ignorance. They’re all here to get me. But that won’t happen.

“Patriotic and proud Pakistanis will not allow this to happen. All these conspirators will soon meet their nemesis. “The Pakistani people, with their independence and dignity, will not only reject them, but will also permanently bury them politically in the next election, which is only three months away.”

Imran Khan, acknowledging responsibility for the chaos that his party faces, regretted the following: “We made a mistake. Giving votes to so-called electors at the expense of faithful politicians was one such mistake.

We are paying the price. However, in the future, votes will be given only to party thinkers, and the party will surely come to power on its own. Get ready to vote now.” He promised his staff that he would be careful about his nominations in the next election.

He also urged party members to “begin peaceful protests every day. I will be returning to Islamabad soon and attending protest rallies, where the process has already begun.”

He told Shafqat Mahmood that he directed a daily peaceful protest in Lahore, saying “the traitors will not only feel the popularity of the party, but will realize that their actions will also affect the outcome of the election.”

Aimed at the coalition opposition and its policies, Mr Khan said only those with wealth hidden abroad can advocate clichés like “beggars can’t be chosen” as policy options.

But he warns that those suspected of selling their souls will learn a lesson in a few months. Referring to reports of the opposition putting some PTI ‘turncourts’ on local hotels, Khan said: “We know why and for what purpose they were locked up there. They need to know what awaits them in the next election.”

Earlier, in a speech to about 139 PTI and PML-Q lawmakers, the interim prime minister had ordered protests in response to his allegations of foreign interference in regime change “have been verified by the National Security Council.”

Posted at Serb on April 6, 2022