‘Don’t dare to cross limits’: PM Shehbaz warns Imran against talking about Pakistan breaking apart – Pakistan

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Thursday accused his predecessor Imran Khan of “presenting a naked threat to the state” and warned him not to “talk about”, deeming him “unfit for public office” did. [the] division of Pakistan”.

The prime minister made these comments in a Twitter post, referring to an interview with anchor Imran and Sami Abraham. ball news Program ‘Tajzia’ last night, when the PTI director urged Pakistan to make the “right decision” and warned that Pakistan would be split into “three pieces” if it lost its nuclear deterrence.

In an interview aired on Wednesday night, he said the current political situation is a matter for the establishment as well as the state. “If the facility doesn’t make the right decisions, I can be sure. [you] it in writing [before everyone else] They and the military will be destroyed because what will happen to the country if it goes bankrupt.”

“Pakistan is heading towards default. If that happens, what institution will [worst] hit? army. What concessions will we receive after being attacked? “If the right decision is not made at this point, the country will choose suicide,” he said.

Hours after the interview aired, Prime Minister Shevaz tweeted: “Imran Niazi is making a naked threat to the country while I am signing the agreement in Turkey. If you need evidence that Niazi is unfit for office, his recent interview will suffice. do. “

“Do politics, but don’t dare talk beyond your limits. [the] The division of Pakistan,” warned the PTI president.

In a separate statement shared on PML-N’s Twitter, the prime minister said Imran’s remarks were evidence that the PTI director was “committed to conspiracy, not politics.”

He said Imran is spreading “chaos” because of his “rage and sick mind”. His remarks were similar to those of Pakistan’s enemies.

“This is not a statement, but a conspiracy to spark anarchy and division in the country,” Shevaz said.

He warned Imran not to “attack” the federation and state institutions, saying, “Losing of power does not mean wage war on Pakistan, its unity, or its institutions.” “Don’t go over the limit. [defined] according to the law and the Constitution.”

The prime minister said the country will not accept such “evil” plans at any cost and will not allow them to succeed. He swore to defeat such “impure” targets.

‘Modi’s Language’

Earlier, PPP co-chair Asif Ali Zardari also condemned Imran’s remarks in a late-night statement shared on Twitter.

“No one can talk about what divides Pakistan. This is the Pakistani language, not the Pakistani language. [Indian PM] Modi,” he said.

“Imran Khan, power is not everything in this world,” said Zardari, rebuking the PTI Director, “Have the courage to learn to govern yourself. “.

“If it is God’s will, Pakistan will survive the Day of Judgment,” he closed the statement.

The statement said Zardari had instructed the PPP to protest Imran’s “impure remarks”.

‘Agenda of Anarchy and Hate’

Railway Minister Khawaja Saad Rafique in his condemnation in a series of tweets said Pakistan’s nuclear program “is safer in the hands of those who have initiated and conducted nuclear tests.” incumbent coalition government.

He asked Imran to explain in detail what the “military” was the right decision to make.

“The hate, revenge and division policies of the incompetent PTI have brought the country to the brink of ruin,” the minister said.

He said Imran must improve his manners, behavior, language and character before advising the military.

Rafique said Imran should “learn to be part of the political community before addressing the judiciary and the military,” leaving behind “anarchy and hateful agendas”.

“When a political party can formulate a national task, the limits of the system are automatically set,” the minister said. “Pakistan will continue to unite according to the will of God. [And] “The roles of the political leadership, the judiciary, the military and the media are critical to keeping the country stable,” he said.

Meanwhile, Minister of Planning and Development Asan Iqbal insisted that Imran was trying to bring him back through “the right decision”. [the] PM office”.

Iqbal tweeted: “It’s a real shame. IK has lost its spirit and patriotism in revenge for its loss of power.”

‘Bipolar Disorder’

Imran’s comments were also discussed in the Senate today, and Senator Asif Kirmani said Imran has “bipolar disorder.”

“These patients are treated for electric shock,” the senator said as opposition parties protested his statement.

Attorney General Azam Nazeer Tarar said during a speech at home that Imran’s remarks had created “anxiety” in the country.

He said he couldn’t make such remarks from anyone in Pakistan’s highest office, except where there was “conspiracy.”

“This is Pakistan’s security issue,” he said. “The former Prime Minister’s remarks are dangerous to national security.”

He repeated that Imran’s remarks were “dangerous” and that Imran “lost his senses after he lost power.”

“Pakistan comes first, then politics,” he added, adding that Pakistan will not be affected by a regime change.

PPP leader Yousuf Raza Gilani said Imran’s remarks were not suitable for the former prime minister and the country’s chief executive.

“If you say that the country is divided into three parts, you should not be called a Pakistani. [our] Enemies say the same. Then I condemn the country for going bankrupt and our nuclear assets being taken away,” he said.

He also said the PTI should not resign from the congressional forum, saying the no-confidence measure was a democratic and constitutional measure.

‘Why are you crying with this tone?’

Meanwhile, PTI leader Shabaj Gill said Imran had long said that efforts to weaken the military were underway, and that he questioned why his anger and resentment grew in his recent comments.

“Imran has long said that our military is the most important thing. Efforts are being made to weaken the military. If the military is weakened, we will face ruin like Syria, Iraq and Somalia. What will happen to the military if the economy collapses? Who will let you go if you are not strong? [us] Gill has nuclear assets. “Why do you have these tones and weeping now?” Gill said.