Crucial NA session today to debate no-trust motion against PM Imran – No Confidence

The National Assembly is scheduled to hold an important meeting today at 4pm to discuss the issue of no confidence in Prime Minister Imran Khan.

A resolution on the predicament of the prime minister was presented by opposition leaders in the parliament of Shehbaz Sharif on March 28 and approved by a debate the same day.

According to 24 points agenda At today’s plenary session, the discussion on the issue of no confidence in the prime minister is in fourth place.

Intelligence Minister Fawad Chaudhry said yesterday that Prime Minister Imran Khan had decided to submit a ‘secret letter’ containing details of a “foreign conspiracy” to overthrow his government, either during a NA camera session or a joint parliamentary session. However, no date has been provided as to when such a session will be convened.

After learning of the alleged letter, the prime minister, along with his disgruntled allies, hopes that his dissidents will change their minds to favor a resolution of no confidence.

Yesterday the Prime Minister shared this letter to his ministers at a hastily convened meeting. The meeting was not attended by two major allies, the Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan (MQM-P) and the Balochistan Awami Party (BAP), despite being invited to the meeting.

The prime minister also called a selected group of TV anchors, noting that “the language of the letter was threatening and arrogant” and that Pakistan would face disastrous consequences if the no-confidence agreement failed.

6 p.m. Parliamentary session

After the prime minister decided to show the letter to members of Parliament, Assembly Speaker Assad Kaiser convened the National Security Council at 6 p.m. on Thursday.

The National Assembly Secretariat issued a statement saying, “The meeting is presided over by the chairman, and representatives of each political party also attend.”

“The briefing on the secret letter will be held at the National Security Council meeting,” he said.

Sherry Calls to Vote Today

Meanwhile, PPP Senator Sherry Rehman called for the NA chair to hold today, saying on Thursday there was no “constitutional” or “moral” justification to delay voting on the no-confidence bill.

In a series of tweets, she said that Imran Khan’s “artificial” majority has now been turned into a minority. “If a vote of no confidence is held, today will be the last day of the government chosen by Imran Khan. What unseen help is waiting for Imran Khan?”

Earlier this week, Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid announced that a vote on the no-confidence resolution would be held on April 3.

In her tweet today, Rehman alleges that the government’s “sinking ship” is using alleged ‘secret letters’ to escape.

“Imran Khan should not have held office for a single day after the MQM, BAP, Jamhuri Watan party and independents joined the opposition coalition,” she tweeted, adding that the prime minister would be better off resigning.

the opposition party

A day ago, Pakistan’s Mutahida Kaumi Movement (MQM-P), a key ally of the PTI-led coalition government, officially announced it would join the opposition.

After electing seven MQM-Ps, the opposition has now surpassed the magic number of 172, the minimum required to form a central government, and now enjoys 177 support in the National Assembly. There were no more than a dozen dissidents from the ruling PTI who had already publicly announced their withdrawal of support for the prime minister.

Dr Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui, Chairman of the MQM-P, said officially: “In the previous parliament there were 26 seats, but according to the plan it was reduced to seven seats. But now it has proven that without these seven seats it is impossible to form or eliminate government.” . He further published a party decision approved by the Rabita Committee, which made the party decision.

table resolution delay

On March 8, a delegation of high-ranking opposition lawmakers submitted a bill of no confidence to the Prime Minister to the National Assembly Secretariat.

According to the rules and procedures of the General Assembly, from the date of passage of a resolution, “no vote shall be put to a vote before the end of three or seven days”.

A resolution of no confidence in the prime minister was due to be introduced on March 25, but the process was delayed as the NA chairman postponed the meeting within minutes and ignored opposition leader Shehbaz Sharif who wanted to speak to give a speech.

He did not allow an opposition resolution of no confidence to be put forward after making a fateful proposal for Khayal Zaman, a PTI MNA that died in Khayal Zaman’s Hangu, according to parliamentary tradition. At the time, Qaiser said that, by tradition, he postponed the agenda the day after the congressman died.

Later, the opposition denounced the speaker for not giving Shehbaz a voice, saying that it is the parliament’s tradition to always be given a voice whenever an opposition leader stands up to speak.

No prime minister in the country’s history has reached the end of his term, and Imran faces the biggest challenge in power since his 2018 election.

In March of last year, the prime minister voluntarily requested a trustee vote after chaos in the Senate election. Showing off his power, he secured 178 votes, six more than needed to win confidence in the National Assembly.

Further reporting by Fahad Chaudhry.