Buzdar to be probed for corruption, says Attaullah Tarar – Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: PML-N (Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz) leader Attaullah Tarar hinted on Monday that he would begin an investigation into former Punjab Prime Minister Usman Buzdar and others who built up assets above known sources of income during the PTI government.

Tarar said at a press conference in Islamabad that PML-N has decided to petition Buzdar and others with the Punjab Anti-Corruption Organization.

“Buzdar created a fortune of Rs 10 billion during his tenure as Prime Minister. He deprived the poor of the rights of the public and exploited the nation’s resources,” said Tarar.

He added that over the past four years or so, the PTI president has plundered the country’s wealth while promoting Buzdar, Farah Gogi and others.

Tarar also said that PML-N will uncover links between Imran Khan, Usman Buzdar, Bushra Bibi and Farah Gogi, who are suspected of laundering public money.

He said former Prime Minister Imran Khan gave Farah Gogi Rs 320 million in a tax amnesty in 2019. Farah also issued millions of rupees through the transfer and public office of civil servants. In fact, she added, she was ruling Punjab through Vanigala. – App

Staff Reporter added from Lahore. Fayyazul Hassan Chohan, former provincial intelligence minister and PTI PTI Punjab spokesman, said the PML-N leader must answer Rs 16 billion of corruption under investigation by the FIA ​​before exposing allegations against the former prime minister.

In response to Mr Tarar’s reporter on Monday, Mr Chohan said PTI would respond in detail when PML-N formally file a complaint with the Anti-Corruption Organization.

Posted at Serb on May 17, 2022