Black day to be observed on Modi’s visit to occupied Kashmir: AJK PM – Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Kashmiri from both sides of the Line of Control (LoC) celebrate today (Sunday) Black Day, the first visit to occupied Kashmir by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

This was announced by Prime Minister Azad Kashmir (AJK) Sardar Tanveer Ilyas at a press conference at the Kashmir House.

This was Tanveer Ilyas’ first press conference in the capital after taking office as Prime Minister Azad Jammu and Kashmir.

Chairperson All parties Hurriyat Conference-Azad Kashmir Branch (APHC) Farooq Rehmani and members of the AJK Legislative Council were also present.

Ilyas said protests will be held in Azad Kashmir and India-owned Kashmir.

Protests and rallies will be held in Azad Kashmir in India-controlled Kashmir.

He said Modi could not deceive the world by visiting occupied Kashmir in front of 800,000 Indian troops.

Prime Minister AJK called Modi “the greatest terrorist” and “Kashmiri killer” and said his Hindu ideology poses a serious threat to peace in the region and beyond.

He said it is time for the international community, especially the United Nations, to take a big step in resolving the conflict in Kashmir, the main culprit of regional unrest.

Ilyas added that the serious situation in occupied Kashmir deserves immediate attention from the United Nations and that Kashmiri people want the right to self-determination and do not want to be with India.

Speaking of forced disappearances and killings of youths through fake encounters, Prime Minister AJK said thousands of unmarked mass graves across the territory spoke of the systematic genocide of Kashmiri people by Indian occupation machines.

“Prime Minister Modi’s visit is like rubbing salt on the wounds of Kashmir when the Kashmiri have been stripped of their special status as a nation, deprived of their humble sovereignty, and when the Indian occupation forces have committed the worst atrocities in history. “He said.

In fact, he said the visit was part of a scheme by the BJP government to deceive the international community and give the false impression that “Kashmir is doing well.”

In a rich tribute to veteran Hurriyat leader Syed Ali Gilani, PM Ilyas said Gilani is the voice of Pakistan.

Huriyat leader Mohammad Farooq Rahmani said in a speech at the time that “Indian forces are killing Kashmiri the same way Hitler did the genocide in Germany and Israel slaughtered the Palestinians.”

Posted at Serb on April 24, 2022