Army takes ‘strong exception’ to attempts made to drag its leadership in political discourse: ISPR – Pakistan

According to a press release issued by Inter Services Public Relations (Inter Services Public Relations), the Army is “a strong and deliberate attempt” by “some political leaders, journalists and analysts” to bring their name into the ongoing political discourse. I applied a “strong exception” for . ISPR) Sunday.

The military’s media wing noted that attempts to engage the military and senior leadership in political discourse were “exposed by some political leaders, a small number of journalists and analysts, through direct, implicit or nuanced comments on a variety of communication platforms, including public forums and social media. . media”.

“Such unsubstantiated, defamatory and provocative statements/remarks are highly detrimental,” ISPR said.

The military has made strong exceptions to these “illegal and unethical practices,” adding that it expects everyone to abide by the law and exclude the military from political discourse for “the best interests of the country.”

editorial: The more Imran Khan talks about the subject, the more obscure the logic of ‘conspiracy theory’.

The ISPR statement did not specify the event it referred to. However, the statement said that former Prime Minister and PTI President Imran Khan, at a rally in Abbottabad, opposes the concept of neutrality, and God does not allow humans to remain neutral when the time comes to uphold justice. It came a few hours after I said no. And good support.

“If you fight against an imported government, God will ask you. You will not be able to speak. [and make the excuse that] “You were neutral,” he said.

Imran said in March that only animals can remain neutral, and humans stand on the side of good and evil. The remarks came one day after a military spokesperson made a firm stance on the allegation that the military had nothing to do with politics and that the military had intervened in politics, asking them to refrain from unnecessary discussion and speculation.

On Friday, PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz spoke at a rally at the Fateh Chapter, criticizing Lieutenant General Faiz Hameed, former Intelligence Director and commander of the Peshawar Corps.

Regarding Imran’s recent podcast appearance, where he referred to the intelligence officer as the government’s “eyes and ears,” Maryam said: “We know he is not your eyes and ears. [rather] He was the hand you used to subdue your political opponents.”

Meanwhile, Punjab Governor Omar Sarfraz Cheema has sought military intervention to lead the region from the crisis plaguing Punjab for months, despite his military repeatedly refusing to push the country into permanent political predicament. .

The Governor wrote to Army Chief of Staff Camar Javed Bajwa, who believes the constitutional crisis Punjabi are being held hostage, asking him to play a decisive role in times of chaos.

Last month, retired senior military officials attributed an audio clip to which statements about the Pakistani military and its leadership were “fake” and “a conspiracy against the Pakistani military.”

The clarifications from veterans came two days after the country’s military leadership became aware of an ongoing “propaganda campaign” against the military on social media and supported the military leadership’s stance on the country’s political crisis at its peak. Former Prime Minister Imran Khan resigns.

The military has been criticized last month, especially after Imran’s ouster through a successful vote of no confidence. The trend against the military and its leadership has been active on social media platforms such as Twitter.

According to Serb According to the report, Urdu’s ‘Imported Hukoomat Namanzur’ (imported government not allowed) hashtag generated 17 million tweets in the past few days alone, while one rebel hashtag generated more than 69,000 similar tweets .

The Federal Investigation Agency was also launching and arresting people suspected of being involved in these online campaigns.

The watchdog also launched an investigation into Bol’s anchor Sami Ibrahim, who allegedly sent “anti-state” videos and remarks on various social media platforms, including those about the military.