Ahsan directs winding up of CPEC Authority – Newspaper

Asan Iqbal

ISLAMABAD: Minister of Planning and Development Ahsan Iqbal on Friday called for the immediate removal of the problems facing Chinese investors and contractors working in the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), including expedited processing of visa cases.

During a visit to the CPEC Authority Office, the Minister directed the relevant authorities to prepare a structure for consolidating the CPECA into the Ministry of Planning and Development, as it conflicts with the business rules of several ministries.

Iqbal said. Serb The point is that CPECA is not functioning properly and is in conflict with the role of line ministries. According to business rules, ministries played a primary role in implementing policies and projects under CPEC, but parallel organizations created duplication of work and lack of ownership.

Assad Umar

Responding to some media reports that CPECA’s presidency has been given to newly appointed Federal Minister Chaudhry Salik Hussain of PML-Q, the minister added that he was unaware of the move and that it would be illogical to set it up in parallel.

We will meet a Chinese investor next week. Asad Umar is invited to brief on key initiatives.

He recalled that the PML-N strongly opposed the creation of the CPECA through Congressional action because it was unnecessary and unnecessary because the Ministry of Planning in the past had performed its role very diligently and effectively.

He said opposition lawmakers have opposed the bill as a ‘white elephant’ as it appeared to be a parallel planning committee of little use.

Mr. Iqbal recalled in the disclaimer that more than $29 billion of investment was successfully delivered with the support of various ministries that must go on to be successfully implemented without authorization by the planning committee.

Meanwhile, Ahsan invited former Asad Umar to a farewell briefing on a development plan of greater public importance that PTI initiated and must continue for the public good. Mr. Umar was not allowed to comment.

Posted at Serb on April 23, 2022