Afghan TV presenters asked to cover faces on air – Newspaper

Kabul: Afghanistan’s Taliban authorities have asked television broadcasters to cover their faces when female hosts on local TV stations are broadcasting, an official said Thursday.

The move comes days after authorities have ordered women to cover their faces in public, the Taliban’s return to past hard-line policies and the expansion of restrictions that are causing outrage at home and abroad.

“Yesterday we met with media representatives,” said Akif Mahajar, spokesperson for the Taliban’s Ministry of Evil. They were very pleased with our advice.

He described the move as “advice”, adding that “the last date for face coverings for TV presenters is May 21.”

He did not answer questions about the consequences of not following the advice.

Although most Afghan women wear headscarves for religious reasons, many women in urban areas like Kabul do not cover their faces. During the last Taliban rule, from 1996 to 2001, women were required to wear the all-embracing blue burqa.

Posted at Serb on May 20, 2022