20 injured in India riots after Hindu activist killed – World

India rushed hundreds of security guards into an area south of the country after riots broke out after a Hindu activist was killed and riots saw mobs burning vehicles and carving stones.

At least 20 people were injured in riots on Monday after a member of the Hindu nationalist group Bajrang Dal was murdered a day earlier in Shivamogga, Karnataka state.

Karnataka, led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party, has sparked protests and protests across the country against a ban that bans Muslim girls from wearing hijabs in classrooms. After a few weeks, I was confused.

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Violence broke out in Shivamogga during a funeral procession for activists on Monday, despite authorities placing a curfew in the area.

Several arsons and riots have been reported as angry mobs throw stones at businesses known to be Muslim-owned.

Police fired from the air and used tear gas to quell the angry crowd.

Law enforcement officers in the area with a long history of gang violence arrested the two on Monday and said the killings were a result of long-standing rivalries.

The victim was also an active member of an organization that seeks to protect cattle sacred to Hindus, and has been heavily criticized for social media posts depicting pigs in mosques.

One of the Muslim students who took part in the first hijab protests in the Udupi district said her brother was attacked at a hotel on Monday, local media reported.

Provincial Interior Minister Araga Znanendra told local media that authorities had not found a link between Shibamoga violence and the use of the hijab.

The Karnataka High Court is currently hearing an appeal against the hijab ban. In an interim order, the court temporarily banned the wearing of all religious symbols in schools.

Fear of the issue has risen among Muslims in India as many feel they are under attack by the Modi government and its supporters.