10,700 tonnes of Indian wheat reaches Afghanistan through Wagah – Newspaper

Lahore: Afghanistan has so far collected 10,700 tonnes of wheat from India and used Pakistani territory through Lahore’s Wagga border.

According to official sources, the remaining 39,300 tonnes are expected to be collected from Afghanistan by the end of next month as a result of humanitarian aid.

“Five Afghan trucks collected wheat cargo from Atari from Indian authorities and returned to Afghanistan via the Wagga and Torkam borders. “For humanitarian reasons, we have collected all five shipments worth 10,700 tons of the 50,000 tons that India has promised to deliver to Afghanistan,” he said. Serb On sunday.

“The fifth convoy of 39 Afghan trucks returned to Afghanistan after collecting 2,000 tonnes of wheat from Indian authorities on Friday,” the official said.

Just as India promised to provide wheat to Afghanistan, Pakistan last month facilitated the entry of Afghan trucks into its territory through Torkham, ensuring trouble-free movement of trucks from Torkham to Wagah, collecting wheat in India and the smooth operation of wheat. announced that it would. Trucks loaded without customs duties. Thus, the first fleet of 41 Afghan trucks collected the first cargo of 2,500 tonnes of wheat from India on 22 February.

Similarly, a second fleet of 36 Afghan trucks received a second shipment of 2,000 tonnes of wheat on March 5. Similarly, another fleet of 40 trucks arrived in Wagga on the night of March 10, collecting about 2,200 tonnes of wheat, and returned to Afghanistan on March 11. Convoys 4 and 5 also had collected 4,000 tonnes of wheat by 25 March. In accordance with the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) jointly devised by the relevant Pakistani authorities (Customs, Immigration, Security, etc.), the number of trucks, registration number and tracking information device, driver’s name, ID, passport, police record/personal certificate, etc. must be shared with Pakistan and India before Afghanistan enters the territory.

While allowed in Torkham, truck drivers have been issued travel permits by the authorities. After transporting the wheat, the driver must present/return the wheat to the authorities in Torkham.

Likewise, Afghan convoys are under police security from Tokham to Wagga and vice versa. Another official discussed the SOP prepared by the government for the operation of Afghan trucks for collection, and said, “Likewise, inspections of trucks and drivers are carried out according to the SOPs by Tocom and Wagga authorities.” of Indian wheat.

Posted at Serb on March 28, 2022